BayCity - Ransomeware and how it effects you. Please read below.

Ransomeware can be your worst nightmare.

Ransomeware- How it can affect you

Ransomeware is one of the issues that will affect your business should you become infected.

It doesn't seem much until you get infected, then it's a major issue.You may lose data, or your staff will be limited in carrying out their normal duties. This could last for more than a week. It may even mean that any data that hasn't been recorded and backed up will be lost and possibly not be able to invoice your customers. Staff cannot work, your invoicing will stop, hence slower return on accounts orders via email may stop.

These are real issues that can affect your business and some companies have not recovered from this. You may even go bankrupt as a result. There is plenty of examples on the internet if you wish to check.

People who try to infect your system want a return on their investment and hence they will request money in the form of Bitcoins so it is untraceable. A bit like Swiss Bank deposit. Amounts range from $500.00 to $1,000,000 depending on how much they believe you are able to pay. A department in America recently paid $200,000.00 and only got some of the data unlocked.

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