Internet Data

Emails in the Cloud or Local Server


At BayCity Computers we can provide either onsite email or Cloud based email. Listed below are some of the differences between having your own email server onsite and using a hosted service.

Onsite Email Server

Email located on your Premises will provide you the greatest flexabillity in setting up email accounts, re-directing emails and allowing other personal to either receive emails on another persons behalf and or respond on their behalf. Email recovery is also a better outcome. When you backup email it can be set up not to permanetly delete any emails until it has been backed up allowing recovery of previously deleted emails. This has been necesssary in the past and will happen in the future.

 Emails can be setup for externsl access thus providing the service that the Internet based Email can.

Internet Based Email

Email is located at a data centre depending on who provides the service. The Data Centre can be located in Australia, Singapore, Russia, Itally, U.S.A etc., anywhere a provider/company can buy cheap data storeage. This is not attributal to all companies but some can and some do.

You may be able to request which location is used to store your data some copanies offer this service. Should your data be housed in a foreign country then you may not be certain on who can see it.

With this technology your employees are able to communicate wherever they are providing they have internet access. This can be via a dongle or at home or even in a Hot Spot.

You can opt for more features for your email service but as always it will add additional cost to the email service.