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The Quick Guide - Technologies Accessing the Internet


This technology revolutionised Internet access. It still uses the phone line but operates as higher frequency channel so the phone can be used at the same time.  Speeds can be in excess of 10 Mbits/ download and 0.8 Mbit/s upload.

  • Can be High Speed. Depending on the distance from the exchange
  • Relatively low cost
  • Uses existing phone lines
  • High download speeds but low upload speeds
  • Able to get a fixed IP address for emails etc.

2. Cable

The Pay TV cables installed by Optus and Telstra offer an alternative way of connecting to the internet. With typical speed of 20 Mbit's or up to 100 MBit/s on the Telstra network cable is generally faster than ADSL.

  • Higher speed than ADSL
  • Only available if you have a Pay TV cable running past your office.
  • Cannot get fixed IP Address for emails etc.

3. NBN - National Broadband Network - Using Fibre Optic

  • Faster Speed than ADSL or Cable
  • Installed by the NBN team to your premise
  • Able to get fixed IP address
  • Will take approximately 5 years to roll out so may not be available in your area
  • Phone will use VOIP. No longer use the copper network

4. Wi-Fi to your desktop or laptop - Instead of running cables

Wi Fi is a substitute for running cables from your computer to the ADSL or Cable Modem. Wi-Fi  uses radio waves instead of running leads from your computer.

  • Low cost way of accessing the internet
  • Ability to access the internet in public places where wireless hot spots are provided such as hotels and some restaurants.
  • Signal can be subjected to interference from other nearby networks

5. Broadband Wireless Internet.

Is the newest kid on the block. It piggy backs on the Mobile Phone network to provide speeds up to 7 Mbit/s. It works by having small USB Broadband device attached to into your  PC or built into your Mobile Phone or iPAD.

  • Portable, Internet access is now mobile you can gain access to the internet from anywhere there is  Mobile Phone network coverage.
  • Data Plans more expensive than ADSL or Cable Internet.
  • Speed and coverage can be highly variable depending on the quality of the mobile phone signal and congestion from other users.

5. Ethernet.

This product provides higher speed for both upload and download

  • For businesses who need faster upload speeds when accessing information from their servers from the internet
  • Higher Cost