Data Recovery

Data Recovery

BayCity Computers have technicians able to assist in Data Recovery.

We will recover your data where possible keeping in mind not all data is recoverable. We will give it our best effort.

In the past we have managed to recover data in which Hard Drives have failed or they have contracted a virus.

Viruses can cause a lot of damage so be careful when loading software that may not be from the original supplier or via a wesite that could be affected. Make sure that a good anti-vrus is on your PC or server.

For a server we recommend using mirrored drives Raid 1. Should one drive fail then you will be able to still use your server. The other precaution you should action is regular backups as data can be recovered in a previous time.

Should you have an issue we are here to help. Call us on 03 9775 4424.

If we canot recover your data then there is no charge.