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Ransomware on the Increase

Now in 2017 we are seeing more and more companies and even the public being caught by this virus.

You need to setup protection against this virus. One simple thing to do is make backups of what data you belive is critical to you or yor business.

This includes photos reciepts taht are sent via email etc., emails (your PST files), invoicing databases etc., on a regular basis. Again the regularity depends on how much data you can afford to loose.

I have stated the minimalist. Ideally you would proctect yoiur data by a good anti-virus software such as TrendMicro Worry-Free Business services and implement a firewall in your data network.

Just keep in mind should you get the Ransomware virus there is no retreaving of your data that has been infected. It can cost from $2,000 to $500,000 and possibly more.

Remember backups are critical at a minimum and that the data doesn't reside on your network.

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