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What Is Ransomware

By: Trevor Moon

Once again there are people via the internet trying to extort money from you and/or your business.

It is in the form of a virus and it will encode your hard drive making the data unreadable.

This will then be followed up with a message setting out terms to unlock your drive.

It generally takes the form of a payment in Bit Coins and once paid they will give you a code to unlock your drive.

There has been instances where people have paid this ransom and not backed up their data and the drive has been relocked, hence another payment has had to be made. It can range from $500 to $2000.

Government agencies have tried to crack the code but have not been successful. Hence the need to protect your data.

Currently, as of this week, these attackers are targeting websites where they have infected Java Scripts. Should you visit one of these sites then you may have the ransomware virus downloaded on your computer and then be required to pay for your hard drive to be unlocked.

We at BayCity Computers recommend backups be carried out on a regular basis, such as hourly or daily basis depending on the frequency in which your data changes and your companies ability to recreate the data to minimise data loss.

A good firewall and antivirus software which can monitor web and email traffic to minimise this happening.

We recommend WatchGuard Firewalls and TrendMicro Worry-Free Services advanced software. Our backup solution is Veritas  together with your own onsite server.

At BayCity Computers we offer solutions, call us and we will help protect your network. Tel: (03) 9775 4424.